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All the photos shown on the website are either for sale or are from my current landscape.

Abelia grandiflora Sunshine Daydream

Partial to full sun – Height 3-4 ft – Spread 3-4 ft – Evergreen shrub. Fragrant white blooms open in summer and develop a rosy tone.

Ajuga Bugleweed 

Creeping evergreen ground cover – Full sun to part shade. Purple flowers in the spring – Bronze colored leaves

American Cranberry Bush Viburnum opulus

Bright red fruits serve as food for birds and wildlife. Partial shade to full sun. Grows 8-12 feet with an equal spread.

Azalea Purple Formosa 

Evergreen shrub lavender purple covered 2-3” blooms. Partial to full sun – Mature height 6-8 feet

Black Pussy Willow (Salix gracilistyla melanostachys)

Full sun – Spring Bloom – Height 6-10 feet – Deciduous shrub. Rich purple-black winter stems covered with deep purple-black catkins.

Center Glow Ninebark

Foliage is burgundy red. 6-8 feet tall. Deciduous shrub.

Full sun to part shade. Pink-white clustered flowers in the spring.

Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Evergreen, perennial plant - Full sun to part shade - Wonderful edging plant

Corkscrew Willow - Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa

Partial to full sun - Fast growing deciduous tree - Grows to 30 feet – drought tolerant when established

Crimson River Lily

Full sun to light shade. Scarlet flowers bloom late summer to fall. Does well in consistently damp soils. Grows 2 feet high. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Dappled Willow Salix integra

'Hakuro Nishiki' Partial to full sun. Reaches 15-20 ft high – Weeping branches with pink stem

Fig LSU Purple

Full sun – Self-pollinating – Purple medium sized fruit

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea

Full sun to part shade. 2-3 feet high with 6-12 inch flower plumes. Mixed colors purple to pink and white

Gaura Lindheimeri Summer Breeze

Herbaceous perennial grows 3-4 feet high. Full sun. Blooms May through September. Pink buds and white flowers

Grass Ornamental Miscanthus – Morning Light

Full sun – 6 ft high 3 feet wide. Light green, narrow leaves with white margins. Bronze red flower spikes

Hosta Undulata Albomarginata 

Dark green leaves with a bright white margin. Full shade to part shade – 16-20 inches tall

Hydrangea Macrophylla

Deciduous shrub – Full sun to part shade – 3-6 feet high Pink mophead flowers throughout the summer.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue'   

H     Height: 4. to 6. ft - Spread: 4. to 6. ft - Bloom: July to August   Sun: Part shade - Water: Medium - typically grows 4-6' tall - Bloom Description: Blue in acid soil; Pink in alkaline soil.

Indian Plum Oemleria cerasiformis

Grows 5-15 feet – Full sun to part shade – Greenish-white cluster flowersEdible but bitter fruit – Fruit is eaten by birds and animals

Japanese Blood Grass Imperata Cylindrica (Red Baron) 

Leaves turn red in summer – Grows 12-18 inches tall –Full sun or part shade – Deer resistant

Japanese Forest Grass Hakonechloa macra

Shade to part shade – 1-2 feet tall – 16 inches wide. Delicate bamboo like foliage becoming reddish pink in the fall.

Japanese Quince Chaenomeles japonica 

Full sun to part shade – Height 2-3 ft – Orange-scarlet flowers in April followed by edible greenish yellow fruit (quince)

Kerria Japonica-Japanese Rose

Yellow pom-pom like 2 inch flowers blooming in early spring.Full sun to shade. - Grows to 8 feet. - Deer resistant.

Kiwi Actinidia arguta ‘Kens Red’ (F) 

10-12 ft vines – Full sun – Trellis or Arbors – produces a grape sized fruit with smooth red skin. This kiwi has a superb flavor and is a pleasure to eat. 

Kiwi Actinidia carica ‘Arctic Beauty’ (M)

12-15 ft vine – Full sun – Will pollinate up to 8 female plants. Heart shaped leaves features white and pink varigation

Kniphofia (Red hot poker plant)

Bright red, orange, and yellow spikes growing to 5 feet.

Full sun. Hummingbirds love them. Deer resistant.

Lamb’s Ear ‘Silver Carpet’

Dense silver white wooly ground cover – non-flowering Great edging plant – Evergreen – grows 6-12 inches high

Lamium Maculatum Spotted dead nettle

Spectacular ground cover. Partial sun to shade. Evergreen with small purple flowers throughout the spring. Spreads to 3 feet

Latifolia Maculata’ (Boxwood)

Woody perennial, Evergreen, Shrub – Ht: 6-8ft – Width: 4-6ft . Full to Partial Shade - use as a hedge or informal screen

Lavender Spanish eyes

Full sun. Blooms late spring to fall. Perennial. Masses of bright sky blue blooms with soft ferny plumage

Lavender True English

Silvery green foliage with plump lavender flower spikes. Full sun – grows 2 ft in height – Beautiful bordering plant

Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Nana'

Dwarf Leucothoe – Ht: 2-3ft – Width: 4-6ft –  Part Shade. A low-growing, shade-tolerant shrub with glossy, dark, evergreen foliage.

Lewisia Cotyledon 'Sunset strain

Perennial evergreen succulent. 8-12 inches high. 

Full sun to partial shade. Blooms orange and peach in summer.

Lonicera japonica 'Mint Crisp'

Variegated white green vine – grows 10- 30  feet. Good trellis plant – attracts hummingbirds – full to part sun

Montbretia – Crocosmia ‘Severn Seas’

Full sun – Grows to 4 ft tall – Blooms July through September Reddish orange funnel flowers with golden throats

Nootka Rose Rosa nutkana

Grows to 8 feet. Width 5 feet. Full sun to part shade. Roses are single pink blooms. Native Northwest plant.

Penstemon Sour Grapes Beardtongue Beard

Great border plant. Spectacular tubular bell-shaped deep purple flowers.

Full sun. Grows 2-3 feet high

Pieris japonica 'Little Heath'

Compact evergreen shrub -Full sun to part shade. 2-3 feet tall

Potentilla fruticosa 'Goldfinger

Full sun – grows 3-4 feet – deciduous shrub – deer resistant. Yellow flowers bloom all summer – butterfly magnet

Purple Palace Heuchera

Large star shaped leaves in deep olive green to deep purple. Full sun to shade. Evergreen. Small creamy white flowers.

Purpleleaf Sand Cherry

Full sun – Grows 6-8 feet – Reddish purple leaves. Pinkish white flowers in the spring

Red Flowering Currant Ribes sanguineum

Sun to part shade. Height 4-10 feet. flowers early spring with red or pink petals.

Fruit is a dark purple oval berry.

Rose of Sharon Ardens

Hibiscus syriacus 'Ardens' Partial Sun, Full Sun. Height:  12 ft - Spread:  10 feet -  showy double lilac-purple flowers

Sedum "Autumn Joy"

Full sun to partial shade. Upright variety that grows 1-3 feet high. 

Pink flowers in the fall that turn to a  rich bronzy-red.

Spiraea japonica 'Neon Flash'

Deciduous shrub – deep pink flower clusters. Full sun to partial sun - fast growing to 3 feet high

Spiraea japonica Magic Carpet

Full sun - Deciduous shrub – Height 1-2 ft – Spread 2-3 ft. Clusters of small pink flowers contrast with bright gold mature foliage that. Turns rich russet red in the fall.

Weigela 'Bristol Snowflake'

Weigela florida 'Bristol Snowflake' -  deciduous shrub – Full sun Ht: 4-6 ft – Width 4-6 ft - showy clusters of white trumpet-shaped flowers

Weigela 'Pink Princess'

Weigela Florida Pink Princess – Full sun to partial sun – deciduous shrub.  Ht: 4-6 ft – Width 4 – 6 ft – bright showy pink flowers